Monday, January 23, 2006

We're home......yeh!

After two long, but uneventful flights we arrived home Friday afternoon, January 20. It's now the 23rd, and although we're still dealing with some jet lag, things are going very well. Alec has met the immediate family, been out twice in a stroller (not to enthusiastic the second time, but it's a lot for him to adjust to), and is sleeping well (after the usual protest) in his crib/room. Lots of new experiences already, and even more ahead. Here are a few pics from our journey home, and meeting some of the family. Thanks again to everyone for all your love and support.

Patty and Alec

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Last posting from Kaz: January 18, 2006

Hi Everyone,

We'll be leaving for home on a January 20th four am flight -less than two days - so this will be our last posting from Kazakhstan. We recieved both Alec's Kazak passport and US visa today, plus did some shopping. Weather permitting, we'll take a quick car tour of the nearby mountains tomorrow morning, then shop for the all important formula, and pack for home.
It has been wonderful to have brother/uncle Andrew with us in Almaty, and I am much less apprehensive about the long trip home with him along.
Thank you one and all for all your wonderful and supportive comments and messages. They truly made a difference for us. Attached are a few pics: me, Alec, Steve, Amy and Megan at our last dinner out (Andrew took the pic), plus the wooden Russian Orthodox church that was the highlight of the Almaty city tour. And a pic of the Yak 40 plane that Alec and I took from Kokshetau. The pic does not quite convey the experience - nor the age of the plane - but we arrived safely, so that's what counts.

Love Patty, Alec and Andrew

Saturday, January 14, 2006

January 14, 2006: Hello again from Alec

Hi Everyone,

Guess what??? We're flying home to NYC earlier than originally scheduled!!! KLM will wing us from Almaty via Amsterdam (Mommy says it's a fun town, but we'll visit another time) on Friday, January 20th - yipee! It seems that sometimes the official channels work faster, and sometimes slower than expected - whatever - by this time next week we'll be home - yipee times 2!
Also, this morning Mommy got my revised birth certificate, with my new name, and Mommy registered as my mommy - yipee again. Now it's working it's way through more official paperwork, so that I get my passport and visa. I become a US citizen as soon as we land on US soil. And will have dual citizenship unitl I'm 18.
We're flying to Almaty tomorrow morning, so we've got to get packing. Uncle Andrew is flying over a day early (arrives early Tuesday am). We can't wait!
Here's some pics from a party we had at the cottage a couple of days ago (farewell for me, Mommy, Teresa, Camille, Bertha, Steve, Amy and Megan, and welcome to two couples who have just arrived in Kokshetau (Julie and Jamie, and Janet and Doug). Also a pic of the war memorial in Kokshetau, and Mommy with my new birth certificate. Check out a couple of the party pics to see me in actions with "the ladies".
Look forward to seeing you all soon. Does anyone know if they have baby formula for jet lag???

Love Alec (and his proud mommy)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

January 11, 2006: we fly to Almaty in 5 days, but who's counting...

Hi All,

A couple of new pics, and a brief update while my partner takes his very short (usually 1/2 hour) nap. Yesterday it was so cold, a high of minus 19F, that no one even went out for even a brief shopping expedition. I need to load up on formula before leaving Kokshetau, b/c Alec goes through a box quickly (in addition to carrots and pears). Something tells me it won't e on the Hyatt's room service menu. Still don't know if we'll be flying home any sooner than the 25th, and since today is another holiday, I will get an update tomorrow at the earliest, but possibly not until next Monday in Almaty. Oh well, there's a reason the WPA (my adotption agency in the US) has the motto of "go with the flow'.
Here's Alec hanging out, and with Gulmira, the woman who manages the cottage.


Sunday, January 08, 2006

January 8, 2006

Hi All,

Alec, who is currently napping, asked me to thank you all for the wonderful comments regarding his first post. He will try to post again, but is a very busy boy. And that is without having been outside since coming to the cottage on December 29.
We're doing well, and Alec's sleep improved last night thanks to some advice from Teresa (her new daughter Camille is her third child) based on her experience and a book she has with her and has relied on, "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child". It helped last night, so hopefully it will continue to. Alec is still demanding a couple of middle of the night bottles, but neither I nor he barely awaken for the feedings, so much improved. Stay tuned...
News Flash..... I found out two days ago that we will be leaving Kokshetau and flying to Almaty three days earlier than originally scheduled b/c Alec's birth certificate will be ready on 1/14 rahter than 1'17. So we leave Kokshetau the morning of 1/15 - a week from today! I don't yet know if this means we can then fly home to the US of A any earlier than our scheduled January 25, but hope to find out within the next few days. Even of we can't, it will be a nice change to be in Almaty. Life in the cottage here has really been quite fine, but not being able to get out much b/c we can't take the babies out in the extreme cold, has led to a bit of cabin fever.
Luba has baby sat for a couple of hours in the afternoon so I have gotten out a bit. But it is freezing!
Alec has just joined me, so time to attach a few pics and sign off..


Sunday, January 01, 2006

Alec's first post: January 1, 2006

Hi Everyone,

I thought I 'd start the new year off right by writing to everyone who has been following mommy on her adventure. Well, I'm in the cottage now. Have been since December 29 at about 5 pm. I arrived soon after mommy, Inna and Oleg "busted me out" of the Children's Hospital (see photo). They took very good care of me there, but I'm happy to be moving on.
Mommy is still fairly clueless, but has improved since night one when she seemed very surprised to learn that I eat every three hours AROUND THE CLOCK. Someone at the CH told her that I sleep through the night - ha! Also, took a good 24 hours + for mommy to find the right nipple size. They were either too small (very frustrating), or too large (I like the formula, but prefer not to drown in it). So now we have "the golden nipple". Mommy says it's more valuable then her passport. I think she's a little neurotic about this, but we better get another couple just in case. We can't both have meltdowns at the same time.
So, we've been hanging with Teresa and Camille. Camille was born 17 hours after me, and she and I like to stare at one another and share toys. She didn't like her carrots so I tried them, and so far so good. Although I'm glad I'm not the one changing my diaper :)
It's nice and toasty in the cottage, but freezing outside (-4 F today, during the day!), so I'm not going out until it's time to fly to Almaty on January 18 (Teresa and Camille are leaving on January 11; don't know if we'll get other cottage-mates then.
Here are some pics of me in the cottage on our hang out quilt, with Camille, with the nurse who took care of me and mommy and me dressed to leave, plus the outside of the CH, and the steppes near Kokshetau. I'll post again soon.
Happy New Year. Can't wait to meet you all.

Alec Aslan Jordan

Monday, December 26, 2005

December 26, 2005

Hi All,

Hope everyone who celebrates Christmas had a merry one. In Kokshetau Alec and I had a subdued Christmas visit because he wasn't feeling well. I got him in to his Christmas sleeper - with reindeer feet (see pic) - but the cap and bib were not happening. He seemed partially better today, so hopefully he'll be back to his usual self tomorrow.
At the cottage after our visits with the babies, we had a Christmas lunch with Amy, Steve, Inna, Oleg and the three of us hosts. See picture of me with Inna and Oleg and our tree. The sign says Merry Christmas...
My cottage-mates, Teresa and Michael, have their court date tomorrow. So by this time tomorrow evening we could very well have 7 month Camile here with us. She can get the lay of the land for a few days before Alec arrives, so she can explain it all to him.
Also attached are a picture or 2 of the ice sculptures and slides that Kokshetau has set up for the New Year's celebration. The kids were flying many yards off the slides, because a long ice path is built at the bottom. There are various sculptures, including dogs, a rooster (year of the dog in '06, and year of the rooster in '05), plus a snow leopard, part of the symbol of Kazakhstan. I'll post again before the New Year...